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    AI Websites by Atria Web Solutions - Digital Services

    Our AI Websites

    Our websites function as a valuable resource for clients seeking information and also as a platform for engaging with your company. You have complete control over the content presented to visitors, taking into consideration factors such as their location, the time of day, their past visits, and more…

    Artificial intelligence is integrated into all of our websites, allowing for a personalized website experience tailored to each visitor’s specific circumstances. The essence of a good website lies in its ability to generate leads, and our AI strategies enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to convert over 19% more traffic into inquiries while delivering enhanced digital services. To witness the impressive return on investment (ROI) we can achieve, get in touch with us now.


    Our Digital Services

    Keeping your business requirements in mind we provide bundled digital services from Website Design & development to SEO and Digital Marketing everything under one roof.

    Apps Development

    Atria web solutions Mobile app development services - Digital Services

    Our tailor-made mobile applications are specifically crafted to empower small businesses by harnessing the capabilities of mobile phones and delivering exceptional return on investment (ROI).

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization - Digital Services by Atria Web solutions

    Improve your local online presence with local listings on search, Google My Business, Google Maps, and connected sat-navs. We offer an all-in-one interface to manage all your online business listings.

    ADA Compliant Website

    Ada Compliant Websites- Digital Services

    Web material that is inaccessible, prevents people with disabilities from having equitable access to information. Discrimination against individuals with disabilities is forbidden under Title II of the ADA in all state and municipal government services, programs, and endeavors. Hence, we provide you with ADA compliant website to ensure that your website is accessible to everyone without any discrimination.

    Online Reputation Management

    Online reputation management - Digital Services by Atria Web Solutions

    Stand out from your competition and create a personalised website experience based on a site visitors unique situation. Convert MORE traffic into enquires, approxiamately 19% MORE! Ask us how we do this.

    Social Media Management

    Digital Services by Atria Web Solutions

    Social Media Management packages to save you time and money. Build your brand’s personality, engagement and reach. We will help to enhance your brand’s awareness, increase your followers, generate leads and achieve your business goals.

    Full Analytics

    Digital Services by atraia web Solutions for Full Analytics

    Keep up to date with how well your website is performing. Our Websites automatically track all stats associated with a site. Accessed via your backend dashboard, this includes: total site traffic, user engagement, event tracking, the traffic sources for your site, and physical location of your site visitors.

    Email Marketing

    Digital Services for Email marketing by Atria web Solutions

    Social Media Management packages to save you time and money while building your brand’s personality, engagement and reach. We will help to enhance your brand’s awareness, increase your followers, generate leads and achieve your business goals.

    Ecommerce Development

    Digital Services by atraia web Solutions for Full Analytics

    We create online store or platform that allows businesses to sell products or services to customers over the internet. This involves building a website with an intuitive user interface and functionality that makes it easy for customers to browse, select, and purchase products, as well as manage their orders and payments.

    We've worked with websites from all over the world

    Our Works

    Here are some of the examples of our current and past work:

    Android App by Atria Web Solutions

    We have developed an Android app for fast grocery delivery

    When Andrew approached us for creating an app that their warehouse in Canada to make the grocery delivery faster, within a tight deadline we took it as a challenge..


    We increased lead generation by 50%

    One the best projects we have worked with so far, client was really understanding and helpful with information and requirement. Everything was very detailed and planned meticulously which made increasing their leads easy…

    Generating new leads by Atria Web Solutions
    Product Sale by Atria Web Solutions

    We have increased product sale by 300%

    By implementing new products, digital services, and entering a new market, we successfully achieved a remarkable 300% increase in sales for an Ecommerce website. This accomplishment presented a significant challenge, requiring extensive market research and a substantial investment of resources to meet our desired outcomes.



    Learn what our clients are saying about us.

    “They were really helpful and understanding. I don’t have a technical background but they explained to me everything in laymen’s term.  Thank you guys!”

    Norman P.(CEO)



    Excellent work from this team. Communication was very prompt and they went over and over to make sure we got the outcome we wanted. Will definitely continue to work with them.

    Adria- Atria web solutions
    Adria Creative Director

    They are willing and wanting to give you the results you desire, kind and courteous. More importantly for me it was unmatched in terms of value for money.
    Best rates.

    Gerald A. Atria Web Solutions
    Gerald A. Agency Director

    I would highly recommend Atria web Solutions for anyone who is developing their business and would like to create a professional recognised branded website with optional backup marketing opportunities. The service and responsive contact was professional, efficient, fast and great value for money.

    Anna Holden. Atria Web Solutions
    Anna Holden Team Leader

    Amazing company, reports are detailed and the team really think through all of the details. Excellent value and would 100% recommend!

    Graham L. Atria Web Solutions
    Graham L. Agency Director

    Very happy with the service received. Good communication so I knew what was happening at any specific time.

    Ian C.
    Ian C. Manager

    Excellent work from Zach and his team is really professional and accountable on what they promised to bring. Even though there was a small problem that caused us to expand the project to another 5 days, the team stayed communicative and kept us on the same page. Highly recommended!

    Lily P. Atria Web Solutions
    Lily P. Creative Director

    I like the working just because their staff has good behaviour in copywriting and SEO blog rules, thanks for the work.

    Xiohua C. Atria Web Solutions
    Xiohua C. Marketing Head

    Great work delivered in professional manner with good communication to understand what was needed.

    Oliver V. Atria Web Solutions
    Oliver V. Director

    Thanks Govind and team I enjoyed the work you provided. Excellent, quick and responsive!

    Mark P. Atria Web Solutions
    Mark P. Agency Owner
    Team of Atria Web Solutions
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    Several Things Define Us As a Company

    Not just our solid team work or great desire to learn and evolve but our coordination among our teams for execution of client’s requirements makes us stand out.


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